Unusual & Unique Celtic Knot Wedding Rings for Indie Women


The Celts were a group of people who lived throughout Europe, around 1000 BC, all of whom spoke a similar language. Today, Celts are associated with Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, and a few other places. However, every man or woman with ancient ancestors from Austria, Germany, France, Portugal, Western Spain, or many other European regions, will probably feel a strong connection to all Celtic symbolism.

An Indie Bride does not have to be Irish to wear Celtic Jewelry. Many people find they are riveted by these intricate and mesmerizing patterns. And, no one owns the “right” to wear Celtic jewelry.

Meaning of Celtic Knots

Hippies and anyone fascinated by Eastern religions have long known that contemplation of patterns (like mandalas) can help people absorb clues about the mysteries of life. And, while there is no consensus on the original purpose of Celtic knots, modern Celts have come up with possible meanings for each symbol.

Celtic Trinity Ring

The Trinity Knot (triskele) is the simplest knot. This 3 cornered symbol was probably used by priests to teach ancient people about the Holy Trinity. The triskele has also come to represent a lucky charm that wards off evil and welcomes longevity and prosperity. This design can be used in many ways.

  • UniqueCelticWeddingRings.com: Trinity Knot Wedding Ring with small diamond accents.
  • 123Celtic-Irish-Jewelry.com: Women’s Trinity Knot Ring from Ireland. This is the same knot in an alternating pattern.
  • This gold Celtic Ring has small diamonds in each loop of the triskelion.

Celtic Eternity Ring

There are many types of Celtic Eternity Knot patterns. Eternal or infinite just means that a design has no beginning and no end. Celtic rings seem like little magical mazes created for fairies.

Children are always enamored with Celtic Knots. It would be very cool to have a small symbolic silver ring made for each of the kids when entering into a second marriage and combining two families.

  • BrilliantEarth.com: Here is a white gold Celtic wedding ring.
  • SilverRingsAndBands.com: And this is a two-tone silver Celtic Eternity Ring.
  • Furthers.com: There are also many variations of Celtic Heart Knot Rings.
  • ApplesOfGold.com: This design incorporates the Triskele Trinity Knot and the Eternity Knot Ring.

Celtic Lover’s Knot

Any knot can be a lover’s knot if it links separate paths.

  • SeaWear.com: Here is a Lover’s Knot Band infinity ring.
  • EdoCharrette.com: Lover’s Knot.
  • ApplesOfGold.com: This is a Lover’s Knot Ring that is not an infinity ring. And, it’s gorgeous.

There are Celtic wedding bands in all price ranges, but all of these designs are extraordinary in some way. Many well-crafted Celtic rings are so pretty on their own that they do not need a big diamond solitaire. Sometimes, a large rock would detract from the symbols and undermine the message.

Celtic Shield Ring

A 4 Point Knot is often called a Shield Knot.

  • Here is a 4 Point Chatsworth Knot style ring.
  • See how it looks different than a 3 Point Knot
  • Sometimes a Shield Knot ring refers to round shields which are placed on one or more parts of the band.

And, the amazing thing is how all of these knots can be put together with different symbols and customized into any type of wedding band or Celtic Knot jewelry that a couple can come up with. Here is another Celtic Knot Design. And, all of these compositions are amazing.

Celtic patterns are a perfect jumping-off point for couples who want to design their own rings. Check out FoxFireJewelers.com for more amazing ideas. The crazy beautiful jewelry just never stops.

Sacred Celtic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life takes many forms. Almost every webpage has a different interpretation. This symbol is usually round. Sometimes, artists give it their own interesting twists, like these:

  • jUrbanRings.com: Tree of Life Celtic Ring and a modern abstracted ring.
  • BellChamber.net.

Think about Jung’s theory of the Collective Unconscious. Carl Jung hypothesized that there are universal patterns, which all people recognize as significant. These archetypal patterns are inherited, kind of like instincts. Well, some people feel that Celtic designs are universal in much the same way.

That’s heavy stuff. But, then getting married is heavy stuff.

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