Unique Gold Wedding Bands for Women: Handmade Bohemian Designs

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Any beautiful gold wedding band under $1000 is seen as a good price these days. Some people spend tens of thousands on diamond wedding sets, but most couples have more important priorities, like food and rent. Fortunately, there are great options out there.

Wedding Bands Under $100

Yes, there are good wedding bands for under $100. Look around.

  • SapphireLane.com has (silver) hand cast poesy rings (engraved message rings) which are around $45. The sayings are written in Gaelic, French, English, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, and other languages. These also come in yellow or white gold for around $200 and up.
  • JamesAvery.com: Sterling Silver Lover’s Knot Ring is a beautiful bargain at $49.

Womens Wedding Bands Under $500

There are a large number of bohemian wedding bands online for under $500. Here are a few places to check out.

  • WeddingBands.com: This site has a chic 14k handmade wedding band (#111021) that evokes thoughts of the cool “Wedding Cake” building in Rome.
  • SapphireLane.com: The Age of Aquarius is often associated with stars and celestial bodies. Check out the “Many Are Thee Stars” white or yellow gold poesy ring. This is a perfect hippie wedding band, as the design is from a romantic 16th-17th century ring in the British Museum (London).
  • JamesAvery.com: Narrow Crosslet Ring is perfect for devout, but Indie, Christians. Tresse Wedding Band is as organic as waves or flying birds. Open Adorned Ring is very European and stunningly classic. They have other organic bands, including a hammered gold style.
  • MaxAndChloe.com: Di Shana Ruby Cabochon Ring. The cabochons give this an ancient Old-World Feel.

Great Wedding Rings Under $1000

When buying something around $1000, a girl should consider whether she wants a dainty ring or a bigger band. Her decision depends upon what style looks good on her hand. The type of ring to buy is related to a gal’s stature and bone structure, which is unrelated to her weight.

Lucky girls with smaller, more delicate bone structure can wear exquisitely fine small bands (which are often cheaper). Women with larger frames will look silly with tiny rings and should forgo getting dainty rings with ditsy stones.

Each girl will look better in her own style. Smaller gals will look like they are wearing mommy’s ring if the band is too large. Bigger girls will look like they are wearing no ring if the style is too delicate.

  • HaydenCroft.com: See their Soutine Gold Wedding Band. This two-tone design is well balanced and the Florentine scroll gives it an Old-World feel.
  • NaturalDezigns.com: The Rose Star Band (palladium and rose gold) looks like a Native American Indian motif.
  • Clay-Pot.com: Women’s Flat Hand-Engraved Band by Larry Pauling, Diamond Stream Band by Rebecca Overmann, Wide Leaf and Vine Band by Constance Gildea, Rose-Cut Pink Sapphire Solitaire by Jennifer Dawes.
  • HandwovenBands.com: Get 4 to 8 strands of 18K Yellow Gold or 14K white gold. Amazing.
  • MyCelticRings.com: Celtic Eternal Knot Rings in yellow, white, or two-tone gold. These are handmade and gorgeous.
  • BrilliantEarth.com: 18K Yellow Gold Leaves and Buds Ring. This is delicate and has tiny diamond chips.
  • bmjNYC.com: Twig Ring is made from ethical recycled metals. It’s extremely flattering on the hand and mixes well with other jewelry. This store is also on Etsy.com.

Handmade Rings on Etsy.com

Couples looking for an unusual handmade look will find stunning pieces on Etsy. The very first store to try is Artisan Impact Handmade Jewelry to see the designs of two guys from Montreal. Their work looks like something stashed in a sacred place centuries ago.

  • Artisan Impact: Some of their rings (in silver) are under $100 but they look much more expensive in an artsy way. Check out these styles: Karma, Love Games, Dreaming in Colors, New Beginnings, Meant to Be, Hold My Hand, Dream and Love, and everything.
  • Silver Garden: Aspen Leaf Ring.
  • Beth Cyr Weddings: Love Rocks hammered wedding band set.
  • Nurit Design: Eternal Blossom Crown Band (under $100).
  • Nathan Jewelers: Hand Engraved Scroll Ring (made to order). Ooh, this is scrumptious and so is all the stuff here.
  • TinaHDee: Looking for something strong and delicate? See her Rustic 14k Gold Fill Renaissance Wedding Ring. It seems like something handed down through the generations. $32?
  • Anat Art: Sea Sand Gold and Aquamarine Band. And, see the rest of their organic designs.

It makes sense for a girl to pick out her own style of wedding band, but that doesn’t always happen. If her man gives her something that isn’t her style, she should work with it.

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