Tungsten Wedding Rings: Hip New Fad or Pricey Industrial Metal?


Wedding day, tying the knot, pledging your eternal love; however you describe it, it is one of the most important days of a person’s life. You have to figure out the dress, the church, the flowers, the bridal party, the meal, and on and on. Let’s not forget about the rings though, after all they are so important that they get their own person assigned just to them!

In choosing a ring for the groom, the options seem endless when compared to the traditional gold band of generations past. Do you want platinum? Gold? Silver? Diamonds? Engraved? The choices are limitless, each one customizable to a groom’s particular taste. Looking for something a little different from traditional rings? Then read on!

Tungsten rings: Who should wear them?

So what if gold is too flashy for you? Not a diamond kind of guy? Don’t like the thought of scratching platinum? Don’t worry; there is another option for you. Tungsten carbide, a combination of tungsten and carbon, is one of the hottest new trends in men’s wedding bands. Tungsten carbide is known to be very hard, with a hardness score of 9.0 on the Mohs scale, for comparison diamond is a 10.0.

Benefits of tungsten wedding bands

Tungsten carbide presents many advantages over traditional wedding bands. First and foremost is its strength. Being a much stronger metal than gold, silver, and platinum, tungsten carbide is very resistant to bending. This strength also helps to prevent the ring from sustaining scratches. Haven’t cleaned your ring in a while? Don’t fret, a quick rub with a soft cloth, for most of us men that means our t-shirt, will bring a perfect scratch free shine back to your ring.

Tungsten carbide is available with patterns laser etched onto the ring, allowing a subtle hint of flair to an industrial type piece of jewelry. Color options are primarily gray to black, but with tungsten carbide they will typically hold their shine.

Tungsten wedding bands: The downsides

So are there downsides to the tungsten carbide ring? You bet. It is a question of if the good outweighs the bad. First and foremost one of the big advantages of the ring, its strength, also is a weakness. Due to its hardness it is very difficult to engrave tungsten carbide, and as such many jewelers will not even attempt it.

There are countless rumors floating around the internet that tungsten carbide cannot be cut from your finger. Why would that be an issue? Well, rumor has it that if you were to break your finger with a tungsten carbide ring on, your finger would have to be amputated as the hospital would be unable to cut off your ring. As with most internet rumors this simply is not true. While it is true that tungsten carbide cannot be cut with traditional methods, it can still be removed in an emergency. This again is where tungsten carbide’s hardness is advantageous; because it is so hard it can be somewhat brittle. While it typically would not crack from normal use, it could be cracked by physicians in an emergency.

Sizing is of the utmost importance with this type of ring. Try it on several times, at different times of the day to ensure a proper fit. After all, this ring is permanent, as I hope your happy marriage will be. Your ring will not be able to be re-sized once it is made. Lose weight? Consider taking it back to the jeweler so they can add a guard to ensure it remains a proper fit. Gain weight? Consider a new ring, rather than risking injury from wearing too small of a band.

Lastly, the weight of the ring should be considered. Tungsten carbide is considerably heavier than traditional metals. One ring will weigh the same as several gold wedding bands. This can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. Me, not being used to wearing a ring, I prefer the weight of the ring. It is a comfort and I don’t have to continually look at my hand to ensure that it hasn’t slipped off my finger. Others may feel the weight to be cumbersome, but to each his own.

As tungsten carbides popularity has increased, so has its price and availability. Take care to buy it from a reputable dealer. Properly crafted tungsten carbide should last a lifetime, never losing its shape, and remaining relatively scratch free. Happy hunting!

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