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Most people value diamonds for their absence of color. But actually, diamonds can have different colors and can be as valuable as the colorless expensive stones. In fact, a blue diamond displayed at the Smithsonian National Museum is the 2nd most visited art, next to the Mona Lisa. Colored diamonds are becoming a popular choice for an engagement ring, thanks to famous personalities showing off their own radiant jewelries in magazines and formal events. Here are some of the most beautiful colored diamond engagement rings.


Diamond Koh 1.25 cttw Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

colored diamond

Components in this colored diamond engagement ring symbolizes a distinct immersion with nature, focusing a diamond’s natural colorless color and creating those once exceptional and limited diamond available to only a few individuals who want to belong to the unique group who own these colored diamond rings.


  • 14k metal stamp
  • White Gold metal band
  • Champagne diamond gem
  • Side stone setting
  • 6 mm diameter
  • Resizable ring
  • Round stone shape
  • 625 carats stone
  • Available 2nd stone color: Emerald, Sapphire, Hazel and Gold


Leibish & Co. 3.42Cts Black Diamond Engagement Ring Set

cold 2

This black diamond engagement ring set by Leibish & Co. is a magnificent men’s ring decorated with a beautiful 2.42 cts natural unheated fancy black radiant shape diamond that is certified by the GIA or or Gemological Institute of America. The whole ring is made with Platinum styled in Bezel setting and the widest point is 12.8 mm.


  • Plat-950 metal stamp
  • Platinum metal
  • Resizable band
  • 42 carats black Diamond center stone
  • Special fantasy-cut stone
  • 37 grams total metal weight


Leibish & Co 1.6Cts Yellow Diamond Engagement Halo Ring Set

one of the best

A simply stunning jewelry, this Leibish & Co. 1.6 cts Diamond engagement halo ring set has a fancy yellow cushion-shaped diamond on the center, mounted in a carriage halo ring set. This GIA certified ring has a collection of colorless round shining stones around the halo and half-way along the ring shank which focuses the fancy yellow Diamond stone on the center. Last but not the least, the additional pave setting in an open leaf shape motif is embellished in the ring’s under-carriage.


  • 18k metal stamp
  • White and yellow Gold metal
  • Special fancy-cut 1.20 carats yellow diamond gem
  • 50 grams of total weight
  • Resizable band
  • Free in house appraisal certified

Colored Diamond Rings Shopping Guide

The most important thing to remember for a colored Diamond ring is to look for rings which are GIA or IGI certified. Color consistency is also important, the hue of stones with the same color of diamonds should not be different from each other. If you’re looking for a colored Diamond engagement ring with lots of flash and fire, you should consider sparkling cuts like round brilliant, princess and radiant. The most popular styles of colored diamond rings include canary yellow diamond engagement ring, engagement rings in platinum, palladium or white gold and rings with loose settings.

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