Silver Hippie Wedding Rings: Cheap Indie Women’s Wedding Bands


Believe it or not, there are many women in the US who didn’t spend their childhoods dreaming about the day when they would wear a white veil and smash wedding cake into some guy’s face. And, there are other women who had always dreamed of getting a one carat diamond solitaire, but they got a dose of reality and decided that having a great guy was better than having a great rock.

Wedding Rings Under $100

What is a “cheap” wedding ring these days? Well, anything under $1000 is cheap to most couples. On the other hand, some women who are young, or have had a financial setback, would like to get a cheapie ring now and trade up to something more substantial later. A $75 dollar ring may not last a lifetime, but it will last long enough.

There are reasonably decent silver wedding bands for under $100. And, that is good news to women who don’t care if their ring impresses the cashier at the grocery store.

Hippie Style

What does hippie style jewelry look like? Sometimes this style is called bohemian or indie, but hippie jewelry should have the look of having been handmade. If that’s not possible, the jewelry should have a design related to a romantic historical period, such as medieval times, the renaissance, or the art deco period. If the ring design is connected to exotic mysteries, like Celtic symbols, then that is a good hippie wedding ring.

Cheap Celtic Wedding Rings has lovely, inexpensive rings. These silver wedding rings are made in Dublin Ireland and range from about $50 – $80.

In general, cheap women’s silver rings look better if they have a matte finish. When a bohemian ring is too shiny and polished, it will not have the powerful story-like quality of an older wedding band. And, the best styles for a cheap ring often have an interesting design to obfuscate the lesser quality of the metal. So, the best styles at the 123Celtic-Irish-Jewelry store might be the Ladies Celtic Shield Wedding Ring or the Unisex Celtic Trinity Knot Ring. A perfect bohemian ring will look like it was hand-forged centuries ago.

Poesy Rings In the 16th and 17th centuries, wedding rings in Europe were inscribed with a poem or poesy (posy). The dvbNY website has lovely silver rings which have been cast using the “lost wax” method, and this gives them an old-fashioned look.

One ring at this site says, “My Heart is Yours Forever” in Italian. How romantic is that? These bands start around $40. (There is at least one store on that sells cheap poesy rings.)

Gothic Wedding Rings 3-Rexes rings are designed by Tara Greer, a California artist, who uses her background in art history to create her amazingly cool jewelry.

This jewelry is a fusion of Baroque and Bohemian hippie styles, and though her pieces have elements of Goth, they’re perfect for young hippie brides. Check out her Medieval Gold Studded Heart Ring ($85) or her Fairy Princess Engagement Silver Ring.

Handmade Wedding Rings

Todd Alan of is an artsy guy who taught himself how to make jewelry out of metal wire. His work is beautiful and hypnotic.

Alan uses high-end metals like platinum and yellow gold to make his gorgeous rings, but luckily he also sells silver braided rings. The artist explains that silver wire may not last a lifetime, as would white gold, but the look is similar. Alan’s woven silver rings range from $60 – $95. Cool.

It’s nice for a couple to save money when they are just starting out. There will be plenty of time to get an expensive ring later on in the marriage.

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