Select Your Gemstone and Setting: Picking out your gemstone and setting for your ring with bling

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The setting of the gemstone in place is the only tedious part of this operation. Using the correct pliers will make setting the gemstone a snap. For even a beginner it only takes a couple of minutes to secure a gemstone in place. It is highly suggested that you set your gemstone in strong, natural daylight when you are completely relaxed.

OK – now the fun part – picking out your gemstone and setting. For your first attempt purchase either a square or emerald (octagon) shaped stone. They are the easiest for a beginner to set.

Price wise it is recommended you start with a sterling silver setting rather than a karated gold one. Mangle a sterling silver setting that costs less than $16 you can move along without being too upset. Mangling beyond use a $150 karated gold setting will ruin your day.

This is a two part procedure: select a gemstone but before you order the gemstone make sure you can get a setting the same size.

Recommended vendors for gemstones and settings:

Hong Kong Lapidaries, Inc is geared more towards the professional jewelry maker but they have stellar service and fine quality gemstones. They have an online catalog and will send you a print catalog with your order. Hong Kong Lapidaries does not sell settings of any kind.

If Hong Kong Lapidaries does not have the size gemstone you need send them an email requesting a price. You should receive a response within 24 hours. Orders are normally shipped using FedEx within a couple of days of order. Your credit card orders are processed via a signed faxed order form.

Hong Kong Lapidaries’ minimum order amount is $50 with $10 being added as a handling charge for orders under the minimum. If need be they have a 12-day return policy.

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