Best Way to Buy Rose Gold Bridal Sets

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The desire to get married is something we all have and if you have found someone that makes your heart flutter you will want to get married. If you have made the decision to get married, you will need to think about what kind of engagement and wedding ring you would like to give that person. One trend that is gaining popularity is rose gold bridal sets but that you have to deal with a few items before you make any decisions.

Crunching the Numbers

Do you know how much money you can afford to spend on the bridal set? This is not a rhetorical question but one you should consider since the prices on these sets does vary you will need to conduct a price comparison to refine your list of prospects to those that work for your finances. While you may be tempted to go into debt by financing the purchase of the wedding set, it would be wise to avoid debt whenever possible. Once you have worked out your finances and determined what you can afford you should figure out what size of the ring you will need before you can move forward and start looking at all of the different rings that are available. We want to help you save time so we have come up with recommendations that you should consider purchasing.

14k Gold 7 Stone Pave Set Wedding/Anniversary Diamond Band Ring (1/3 Carat )


This rose gold ring is pleasing to the eye, the subtle lines grab your attention and makes you want to stare at it for a very long time.  What will grab your attention is the price while this particular ring does retail in the $800 range you can get it for just under $420 so it is a great option for those with budget constraints but want to put a smile on their loved one.

10k Gold 7 Stone Prong Set Wedding/Anniversary Diamond Band Ring ( 1/2 Carat )


With this diamond band set you are getting 10K high-quality gold that has a very eye catching style. The set is listed in the $700 price range but based on our extensive research you can get it for just under $400 which quite a bargain.

10K Gold Wedding Diamond Band Ring (0.21 carat)


If you are looking for the perfect balance of form, function and pricing then you have hit the jackpot. With this set, you are getting top quality rose gold and a price that should work with even the most conservative budget. When we did the math, this ring set is listed to sell at $770 which is a decent price but there are merchants offering it at just under $250 so you should consider purchasing this one if you are concerned about your budget.

Getting married is a wonderful experience, it is one of the greatest events in your life so knowing how to get a great deal on a rose gold bridal set should give you some peace of mind just remember to double-check the sizing before making the purchase.

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