How To Pick a Jewelry Store: Who Do You Trust To Sell You an Engagement Ring

Jewelry Rings

Whichever store or on-line source you choose, here are some important factors to consider before buying an engagement ring.

Customer Service

For many, the cost of the ring is the first thing that they consider. That is exactly why you should consider customer service first. If you were looking at two cars that seemed identical, but one was $500 more, you would probably buy the least expensive one. However, if the more expensive one came with lifetime bumper-to-bumper service, including free oil changes and free gas for as long as you owned the car, deciding on the least expensive car would be the wrong choice.

The cost of sizing a ring, setting a stone, refurbishing a band, fixing broken prongs, replacing the shank or tightening loose stones can add up over the years. This is why asking the right questions can save you money. Some of the customer service questions you need to ask are:

  • Is there a warranty?
  • How much does is cost?
  • What exactly does it cover?
  • Do they have a jeweler?
  • What is the turn around for a repair?

Look for things in writing. Find out exactly what the store will do for you. Most walk-in stores cover some or all repairs if you see them on a regular basis. You get to keep your jewelry looking nice and lasting longer and they get more opportunities to sell you more jewelry. If you are considering buying on-line, factor the lack of customer service in the price you are willing to pay for your engagement ring.


Every store tends to cater to a certain target customer and they carry goods accordingly. Research what quality you want to buy. Because of the importance of the engagement ring and what it represents, the expectations for quality tend to be higher than other diamond fashion jewelry, such as pendants and earrings. Find a store that has the same standards of quality as you.


Ask friends, relatives and co-workers where they have had good experiences buying jewelry and engagement rings. For both on-line and location stores, check on-line reviews. The best way to know how a company will treat you in the present and future is to see how they have treated others in the past.

Other Considerations

There are several other factors that you want to consider.

  • Return Policy – You want at least a 30 day return policy in case she wants something different or if you get a second opinion and you don’t like it. Beware of “exchange only” or “no refunds” policies. A good store will stand behind a good product. If you are not giving her the ring right away, don’t be afraid to ask for additional time. Get it in writing.
  • Custom Work – If you want something unique or one-of-a-kind, you want to work with a jeweler that specializes in carving and casting mountings. If you go to a jeweler that must contract this kind of work out to a third party, you will be paying a higher mark up.
  • Convenience – Make sure that it is a store that is available to you now and in the future.


Ultimately, you need to take all of these considerations and factors and go with a jeweler that meets your needs and has earned your trust. If they have the diamond that you want, the mounting that she’ll love, the price that is agreeable, and they will stand by their product in a way that makes you comfortable, you may have found the right jewelry store for you. But it also never hurts to get it in writing.

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