Men’s Rings: Custom Men’s Jewelry Feature Stunning Inlay Materials

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Quite literally, the sky is the limit when it comes to quality, one-of-a-kind, made-to-order men’s rings. Talented internet-based jewelers and artists offer distinctive yellow gold engagement rings made from fascinating and unusual sources; including rare ocean corals; beautiful, organic wood trees; earth’s precious minerals; and heavenly meteorites from outer space. Based in a setting of gold, platinum, silver or titanium, or other metal, each hand-made ring features a unique, eye-catching inlay of unusual or rare material. Your favorite is sure to be a treasured family heirloom.

Some rings may be available almost immediately, others in a few weeks, and some may take several months to fashion. Meanwhile, read on and get your creative ring ideas flowing … your own, incredible statement piece could be just a click away.

Titanium Rings Durable Enough for Hardworking Hands

Boston-based Minter and Richter Designs (MRD) specialize in modern-style rings and wedding sets made with titanium. Their jewelry features beautiful inlays made from unusual woods or colorful resins.

According to their site, strong, impermeable, lightweight and incredibly durable titanium makes a superior ring metal that is able to withstand the test of time and take-on a variety of finishes. MRD says they choose inlay materials based on both durability and beauty. Moreover, the company claims to have sold their titanium inlay rings to hardworking mechanics, chefs, firemen and even avalanche detonators who all report nothing but high praise for the overall performance of their MRD rings.

Although wood sounds like a terribly fragile material for a daily-wear ring, MRD uses relatively durable woods with high natural oil content, like koa, bloodwood and cocobolo. Also, their woods are stabilized under a high-pressure process and coated with a sealant.

Wood Rings: Koa Rings and Box Elder Rings

For a beautiful mix of modern and organic styles, MRD’s beveled-edge titanium ring with a wide Koa wood inlay is a classic choice. Their stunning spalted maple offset inlay ring with a warm bronze anodized interior is gorgeous. Another wood inlay beauty with an unusual, yet traditional look: heavily burled golden box elder wood, with hints of smoky blue and grey, inlaid between two bronzed pinstripe grooves in the titanium.

It is hard to believe that the blue box elder, with “deep ocean light and dark blues with grains of lighter brown wood bursting through,” is natural wood. And, if that isn’t different enough, the box elder wood that is dyed bright, electric green and completely overlaid on a titanium band will knock-your-socks-off. This screamer is guaranteed to get noticed, and the fellow next door will not have the same ring.

Men’s Rings With Precious Metal Inlays and Rings With Man-Made Resin Inlays

For a metals-only look, seek out MRD’s lustrous titanium and copper inlay ring. If you don’t mind man-made materials, their resin inlays make stunning rings. And, the choices are nearly endless. Some resin inlays are classic, subtle, and look like natural stone. Others are bright and bold. The resin stripe inlay in each ring can be centered, offset, or even wrapped around the band’s edge. A royal blue, marbled, and iridescent resin inlay against a silver-colored titanium setting is a knockout, and seems to be an MRD favorite.

Meteorite Ring for Something Out of This World

If you are determined to have an “out of this world” man ring, do check out the Jewelry by Johan website. Jewelry by Johan’s most distinctive offerings are the rings with natural meteorite inlays in titanium, gold and white gold.

Jewelry by Johan’s Damascus steel rings replicate the distinctive beauty and toughness of ancient handcrafted Middle Eastern swords featuring unique patterns and banding of metals. Mokume gane, or wood-grain metal, is another beautiful option based on the ancient Japanese sword making technique.

Also, Jewelry by Johan offers tension-set rings as well as wood-inlay rings and will work with faceted gemstones as well. A Damascus-style ring with an open cavity at the top holding an offset, tension-set ruby is particularly distinctive.

Carbon Fiber Men’s Rings, Tungsten Carbide Rings, Stainless Steel Rings and Gold Foil Inlay Rings

In a business journey filled with twists and turns, Bruce Boone of Boone Titanium Rings, turned his passion and business crafting after-market bicycle parts into a full-time ring business. In addition to making titanium rings, he and two other artists fabricate a large and varied selection of rings made from many materials, including: meteorite; carbon fiber; tungsten carbide; stainless steel; and something they call Mokumanium™ – an aerospace-grade titanium with the look of traditional mokume gane or steel.

Boone’s metallic inlay rings feature several styles, including some that are quite traditional. However, it is the crinkle-style rings which are especially interesting and unique. The crinkle rings feature inlays made from thin foils of gold and other metals. Additionally, these inlays have had their colors altered by heat. The “Autumn Crinkle” high-relief ring features an acrylic-coated, gold-foil inlay. Additionally, it has subtle and blended shades of red, orange, pink, yellow and green. The colors shimmer in the light and change as the ring is rotated.

Mix of Native American Traditional Techniques with Contemporary Flair

For a thoroughly modern mix of traditional techniques with contemporary design, you will not be disappointed by the wide variety of Native American design options and skilled craftsmanship offered by award-winning jeweler Erick Begay. Begay’s fine-crafted designs are nothing less than exquisite.

Begay fashions rings in both old-style and more modern styles, and yet he remains true to his Traditional American heritage. The dramatic, carved sterling silver and 14K gold “Sunface” ring features an inset golden sun – the Native American symbol for life. In addition, there are many traditional inlay design rings, including:

  • bear
  • bear claw
  • water
  • mountain lakes Navajo
  • eagle feather
  • wedding basket
  • traditional Hopi wedding pattern
  • Kokopelli motif – the symbol for good luck, abundance and fertility.

The men’s “Navajo Wedding Coral Inlaid Band” is a stunning knockout jewelry piece with its dramatic, bright red coral inlays set into a pattern of 14K gold. This made-to-order ring is part of a wedding set; a coral and 14K ladies ring, featuring a diamond, is part of the dramatic bridal offering. Similarly styled bands are available in lapis lazuli, turquoise and opal. Additionally, options include bright and vibrant, multi-colored stone rings featuring red coral, turquoise, sugilite, gaspeite, and lapis lazuli.

Gold Men’s Rings, Platinum Men’s Rings Inset With Diamonds and Gemstones

For brilliance and sparkle, sometimes only a diamond ring will do. However, if you think diamonds are only a girl’s best friend, think again. Diamonds by Lauren offers custom, masculine-styled men’s rings with bezel or gypsy set diamonds. Additionally, those rings come with gemstones inlaid into a band of gold, platinum or other metals.

Located in the heart of New York City’s diamond and jewelry district – and with access to some of the world’s top jewelry artists – design possibilities for a custom man ring are endless. If you can think it, Diamonds by Lauren will make your man ring a reality.

Examples of custom rings include:

  • A thick, white-gold pipe-style band, featuring:
    • A large, bezel-set diamond
    • A very large, 4+ carat scissor-cut blue sapphire set into the top of a white metal ring
    • Two bezel-set diamonds on the ring’s sides
  • A textured, two-tone platinum and 18K yellow-gold band, with or without:
    • Yellow and colorless diamonds inlaid into the ring
    • Add one diamond, or add a slew of diamonds for a burst of sparkle

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