Looking For The Best White Gold Promise Ring?

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Wedding rings, engagement rings and now promise rings are gaining popularity, especially with young couple. Same with a wedding ring and an engagement ring, a promise ring represents a commitment. However, it is smaller than an engagement ring, but more ornamented than a wedding ring. Aside from commitment, promise rings symbolize other things such as purity, pre-engagement, friendship and even religion. Young couples also choose promise rings instead of engagement rings because of its affordable value. Some people also wear promise rings to show a religious promise to practice abstinence until they’re married. And since we’re talking about jewelry, white gold finish is famous among them. Here are some of the most beautiful and sophisticated white gold promise rings you should consider.


D-Gold 10KT White Gold Round Diamond Twisted Promise Ring

promise ring

An elegant promise ring by one of the leading sellers of jewelries, this twisted promise ring with a 012. carat round white diamond in the center symbolizes a couple’s fate intertwining each other and meeting at one point. The diamond stones are styled with a simple single-cut with 17/18 facets and full-cut with 58 facets. These 13 gemstones are securely mounted through prong and pave setting.


  • 10k metal stamp
  • White Gold metal band
  • 12 carat round white diamond
  • Prong-setting
  • Pave-setting
  • 78 grams total metal weight
  • Total of 13 gemstones
  • Single-cut and full-cut natural stones
  • Amazon Price: $171.99


TWJC Wedding Collection 14K Yellow or White Gold Solid Infinity Promise Ring

second place

This solid infinity promise ring by TWJC or The World Jewelry Center wedding collection symbolizes faithfulness and love between two people in love. Aside from that, it also represents everlasting relationships and friendships. The Cubic Zirconia gemstone is an affordable alternative to a real diamond. The ring is completed with a dazzling high-polish finish which will surely be appreciated by anyone who will notice it. And if you purchase this promise ring, you’ll have a free gift box with it.


  • 14K metal stamp
  • AAA grade Cubic Zirconia gemstone
  • Prong-setting
  • Total metal weight of 1.10 grams
  • Resizable yellow or white gold band


D-Gold 10KT White Gold Round Diamond Twisted Promise Ring

beautiful diamond

Another sophisticated and beautiful promise ring made by one of the top sellers of jewelries in the market, this 10KT white gold promise ring features and focuses on an elegant 0.16 carat white Diamond in the center. The twisted style of this 10k ring represents a couple’s fate intertwining with each other and meeting at a single point, which is the diamond. All of the 11stones are shaped with full cut and single cut. They’re securely mounted through prong-setting and miracle-setting. Anyone who will notice it will definitely appreciate the beauty of this promise ring.


  • 10K metal stamp
  • White gold metal band
  • 16 carat round White Diamond
  • Full cut and single cut natural stones
  • Prong-setting
  • Miracle-setting
  • Total metal weight of 1.41 grams
  • Total of 11 gemstones

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