Kate Middleton Engagement Ring: Where to Buy a Sapphire Ring Copy

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Looking for a Kate Middleton engagement ring, just like the beautiful 18-carat sapphire and diamond engagement given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles, and subsequently presented by Diana’s son William to his darling Kate when he proposed in Kenya in October 2010?

Real Sapphire Rings

Diana’s 18-carat sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 14 small diamonds cost $65,000 back in 1981, as listed in the Garrard catalogue. If you’re looking for a real natural sapphire and diamond ring, do your research carefully. As pointed out on the Royal Sapphire Company website, it’s important to note that natural sapphires are those taken from the earth rather than created from scratch in a lab. But even these sapphires are treated with heat and chemicals, which then determine the stone’s color and clarity; such treatments should be properly disclosed on the ring’s certification, so customers know what they are buying.

The high quality Royal Sapphire Company, which has been inundated with orders since the Royal engagement was announced, has a variety of natural oval-shaped sapphire and diamond rings including a 9.09ct sapphire surrounded by diamonds weighing 2.17 ct in total. This ring is selling at the current offer price of $63,750 (normally $75,000). Cheaper, smaller sapphires in a similar oval shape are also available.

A cheaper option can be obtained from UK retailer H Samuel, currently offering a Diana inspired real sapphire and diamond engagement ring in 18 carat gold for £750.

Replica Diana Rings

Most people, however, will be looking for the best value replica Diana, or rather Kate, rings and here is a selection of some of the best buys:

  • Dianaring has a replica Princess Diana ring retailing at $89.95, in sterling silver, like the original, with 14 cubic zirconium diamonds and a 9-carat Austrian Swarovski deep-blue crystal sapphire. There is also a smaller version available at $79.95 for petite hands.
  • Emitations is offering a look-a-like fake Kate Middleton ring for just $63.99 in sizes 4 through 12. It features a 3-carat oval stone with a starburst of smaller cubic zirconium stones that look exactly like the original. It is currently sold out but can be reserved from the company’s next shipment.
  • The QVC shopping channel has a bargain Epiphany platinum clad diamonique Kate Middleton engagement ring for just £35.16, the perfect Christmas or romantic Valentine gift.

Kate Middleton Fashion

In addition to the must-have ring, other Kate Middleton fashion items are also in demand, from the Issa label royal blue dress she wore for the official engagement announcement to her designer feather hats, and even her hairstyle, which women the world over are trying to copy.

Buy a Look-a-Like Royal Wedding Ring Online

As the royal wedding date approaches, any fashion item related to Kate Middleton, who will officially be known as Princess Catherine, is sure to become even more desirable. So consider buying your look-a-like royal wedding ring from one of the above retailers online before stocks run out.

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