How To Green Your Diamond: 3 Easy Ways to Turn Your Engagement Green

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One of the best ways to avoid navigating the complicated world buying a new diamond ring is to buy one that was made a long time ago. Yes, there are rings made today to look vintage, but you can go green with your diamond by choosing one with a bit of history and personality that was made many years ago and might even come with its own love story to compliment yours.

Vintage, Antique and Estate Diamond Rings

A wonderful way to reduce consumption and turn the blissful union into an earth-friendly one as well is to shop at reputable jewelry boutiques that specialize in certifying the quality and history of vintage, antique and estate jewelry. The benefits of choosing this road include an absolutely unique ring that expresses your personality, vintage/antique/estate rings will generally be considerably less expensive than brand new rings which means the huge savings be put towards a new life instead of a piece of jewelry.

Online Vintage Rings:

  • Sylvia’s Antique Jewelry
  • Dover Jewelry

Make It Wooden

What better way to honor the future of a marriage and the future of the world than to choose a sustainable, ethically sourced ring, one that will become an instant family heirloom? Another option for a unique, beautiful and stand-out engagement ring is to choose one that is made from or inlaid with wood and set in titanium bands. One such company that sources its wood from dead and downed trees, insuring the future of their environment is Koa Wood Rings, based on the Big Island of Hawaii. Some customers even bring in their own wood to be used for their personalized rings. All rings are guaranteed for a lifetime, hopefully much like the marriage, including refinishing as needed.

According to Koa,”Titanium, one of the earth’s natural elements, is non allergenic and extremely light and durable (7 times stronger and 30% lighter than platinum) making it the perfect medium for jewelry. Titanium is also one of the most environmentally friendly metals. It has a high corrosion resistance. The low weight of titanium reduces energy loss and fuel consumption in aircraft, ships and other vehicles. Titanium’s total biocampatibility makes it harmless against terrestial and marine flora and fauna and natural microbiolagical processes. It is also recyclable.”

Forget the Diamond

Diamonds have a long history of being involved in the engagement ring industry. And there are some amazing resources which can guarantee that a diamond is conflict free. These days, if the budget is a bit tight, there are some beautiful stones that will adorn an engagement just as beautifully as a sparkly white. Here are some choices (among many) to consider:

  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Tourmaline
  • Citrine
  • Amethyst

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