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Goth seems to be an attempt to go back to an earlier, more elegant era. Well, maybe there is hope for humanity, after all. Once upon a time, television, movies and the media did not control people and turn them into boring, repetitive, and stubborn Groupthinkers.

Most men and women will never understand why some people feel compelled to have Victorian Gothic sensibilities. Goths embrace that which we avoid.

Gothic Engagement Rings

Unfortunately, all of the real gothic era wedding rings are in museums or in someone’s castle keep. Modern, but romantic, Goths will have to make do. Yet, there are some cool online alternatives. Many Gothic gemstone rings are every bit as beautiful as rings from the past. And, inexpensive gemstones convey so much more than plain diamond solitaires.

There are quite a few affordable rings on but their inventory changes often. So try a search with keywords like:

  • Gemstone Rings
  • Silver Rings
  • Ruby Rings

Just ad-lib. Check out their sales and estate collection. Here’s what looks good today:

Purple Gemstones:

  • 7.15ct Amethyst Ring in an artsy sterling silver setting. Under $200. Size isn’t everything, but it helps.
  • 7ct Amethyst ring with an intricate Italian setting. The style must be baroque. It’s gorgeous.
  • Scott Kay Sterling Silver Ring with Amethyst. This is totally unisex. Well, it’s unisex in a Victorian Goth Dandy sort of way.

Red Gemstones:

  • 4.5ct (total weight) Garnet and tiny diamonds set in yellow gold. The diamonds keep it from looking like a class ring. Always double check with garnets, onyx, and other gemstones.
  • Ross-Simons: 3.75 ct. t.w. Ruby and Diamond Ring in yellow gold. The large ruby is rough; smaller ones are pink.

Black Wedding Rings

Try for understated elegance in a gothic wedding ring. The whole Goth thing is actually very romantic and poignant to someone who is over halfway through his or her life (such as the author).

The price of a ring is not as important as artisanship and elegant design. Good design can be cheap or expensive, but so can bad design.

  • Ross-Simons: 2.75ct Black Star Sapphire with itty-bitty diamonds. It’s about $450.
  • Black Triple Cross Engravable Band (stainless steel). For all those guys who cannot save a dime, check this out. This ring has three Gothic Crosses and it’s only $32, which means true love for two (for under $100). It cannot be resized but it is beautiful.
  • Gothic Vampire Silver Wedding Ring with Black Onyx. It only comes in size 7 and up, but it is unisex. It’s also too pretty to save for marriage. The design was “inspired by the opulence, music, and art of the Baroque era.”
  • Goujon Solitaire. This is an oxidized silver (black) ring with an inverted white diamond. The design is clever, wickedly funny, and beautiful, all at the same time. This is not your standard solitaire. Don’t even try to explain it to people, but the viciously pointed gem is awesome. Take off your cap and bow to creativity. Maybe, only artists will respect this ingenuity.
  • Renaissance Band with Black Diamonds by Jeet Palavwala. This makes a great set of matching wedding bands. It costs a tad over $600 in silver with black diamonds. But, it is more (and more amazing) in rose gold. Either way it’s a perfect couple’s ring.

Goth Wedding Rings Under $1000

Goth is meant to be sensual. Don’t get fixated on skeleton or bat rings.

  • Steven Lagos rings are sold on many sites, so check out the real ones. There are even cheesy knockoffs, but it would be nice to get the real deal. His Glacier Collection has several amazing purple amethyst styles set in silver. They aren’t baroque, but they feel ancient. Glacier Classic is an emerald cut, Glacier Now Medium Gemstone is a cushion cut, and there are others. These are not average rings. These are works of art. (Even cheerleaders would like these rings.)
  • 14K White Gold Ring with Black Diamonds by Gemvara Essentials. Looking for an industrial ring that is unisex but still a little feminine? This is it. This ring is under $500 in sterling silver.

Expensive Goth Rings

They say that there is such a thing as undying love. It must be true. Each and every person must make it true.

  • Ruby and Diamond Ring in 18K white gold.
  • Oval Black Diamond Sterling Silver Ring with Ruby by Ji Hwang. This ring has a modern design with an old soul. It is hypnotic. Black diamonds are the only diamonds that do not reflect light. They absorb light. They are an enigma.

Jewelry and romance: What more is there?

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