Finding Gay Wedding Rings & Gay Marriage Bands: Resources for Choosing Jewelery for Gay and Lesbian Marriages

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Specialized jewelery made specifically for gay and lesbian partners can speak of the personal commitment that they are making to one another when they choose to take part in a gay marriage or civil partnership ceremony. As such, determining what kind of ring to buy, and what properties that ring should have, can be important.

Wedding Rings as a Symbol of Love and Gay Pride

Finding complementary rings is often a priority for same-sex couples. Therefore, gay and lesbian partners may choose to search for a bespoke service so as to meet the specific requirements they might have for their engagement and wedding rings. Bespoke jewelery can be expensive, but as wedding rings are hopefully a one-time expense, this may be a price that some are willing to pay.

Sizing and style are also important concerns when choosing any set of wedding bands. As such, this is an integral part in finding rings for a gay wedding ceremony. Same-sex partners might wish to have a traditional, plain wedding ring. Alternatively, a gay or lesbian couple might choose to include socially significant symbols in their marriage bands, such as the colors of the rainbow flag.

Alternatively, for more subtle changes, same-sex partners might consider different metals for their wedding rings. The following are examples of the variety of choices the buyer has when choosing a ring for a wedding and civil partnership ceremony:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold

Gay and lesbian couples could also consider bi-color rings that combine two different, contrasting metals.

Finding Wedding Bands and Places to Purchase Rings for a Gay Wedding

Finding wedding rings or engagement bands for same-sex partners can be made slightly more difficult by the worry that a couple may face prejudice or hostility when seeking out jewelery for their same-sex union. Understanding this, several online businesses have proudly served the gay marriage market for a number of years.

Such specialized jewelers offer wedding bands, pride jewelery and eternity rings in a number of styles, from traditional gold and silver rings to more modern titanium wedding bands. Finding an online business that is close to a gay or lesbian couple’s residence may cut shipping charges and ensure an easier path to a solution in the unlikely event that a problem arises with delivery or with the ring itself.

In Britain, rings made specifically for civil partnerships have also become popular. As civil partnerships are a separate class to marriage created for lesbian and gay same-sex partners, gay and lesbian couples are free to define their own traditions and what they feel is appropriate or customary when it comes to a civil partnership ceremony.

As such, a gay or lesbian couple might like to place their wedding band on a different finger from the traditional ring finger, might choose to select an unusual style of ring to reflect their own personal tastes, or, alternatively, they might decide to keep their selection of wedding and engagement rings more traditional and in keeping with what is considered a standard wedding band.

Finding Gay Friendly Wedding Services and Jewelers

There are several possible drawbacks to buying custom wedding rings online. Sizing can be a problem, as can the fact that a ring might not live up to the buyer’s expectations once it is delivered. For this reason, finding local jewelers that cater for same-sex couples can be important.

As such, a directory like the Rainbow Wedding Network could be of use. The directory aims to bring a collection of free resources together for gay and lesbian couples looking to get married or have a partnership or commitment ceremony, listing jewelers that cater for same-sex partners, as well as other gay friendly services such as wedding photographers and suggestions of wedding venues.

Finally, when choosing a wedding ring, the most important factor for any gay or lesbian same-sex couple must always be whether the style of the ring suits the couple. Due to the fact that wedding and engagement rings are highly customizable, rings are one clear way to express a couple’s individuality and the commitment that they are making to one another on their happy day.

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