Engagement Rings – Platinum, Colored Gems Become Popular

Engagement Rings

For women newly engaged, shopping for the perfect engagement ring and wedding band with the fiance is a delicious experience. Many men prefer their wives-to-be be involved in the selection process in order to be sure she will have a ring she will love and enjoy wearing for the rest of her life.

Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring Did Not Start New Trend

Others, like Prince William, already have a ring ready when he proposes. Like Prince William, it may be a family heirloom or the hopeful groom-to-be might know his beloved’s taste that well.

When Kate Middleton appeared wearing her sapphire and diamond engagement ring, she was not creating a new trend but continuing one that celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood and others had started – that of having the main stone be something other than a diamond, or even of having a colored diamond.

New Directions for Traditional Engagement Rings

As the first decade of the 21st century wound down, numerous websites on the Internet indicated several new directions the traditional engagement ring appeared headed:

  • Most websites agree that a diamond solitaire is classic and will likely continue to be the ring of choice for the majority of brides.
  • It appears that platinum has become the metal of choice in wedding sets as the white color of platinum is a better foil for any stone’s sparkle. The hardness of the metal means a woman can wear her ring longer before it wears thin.
  • However, yellow gold is not totally passe. According to SheKnows, “Though platinum and white gold are top choices in engagement rings, many brides-to-be will be sporting rings created from a combination of metals. A platinum band embedded with yellow gold seems to be a favorite, and twisted bands are also becoming more popular.” The Beauty Bridal concurs: “A weaving wedding ring has also become a popular look due to its simplistic and interesting style. Weaving wedding rings often use a strong metal, such as gold, white-gold, palladium and platinum weaved in between a thin but strong strip of contrasting coloured metal.”
  • Savvy Scoop’s OneWed blog discussed the use of colored stones in engagement rings: “This will translate into engagement ring designs incorporating colored gemstones such as citrine, sapphire, and ruby, set in platinum. Penelope Cruz started this trend with her sapphire and diamond engagement ring bling from Javier Bardem, and Carrie Underwood followed suit. And since platinum is a naturally white metal, it will maximize the brilliance of all colored gemstones.”
  • Kate Middleton being given her prince’s mother’s ring is another option that some couples enjoy – the passing of heirloom jewelry from one generation or another. Even if the ring sizes are not the same, a stone from a family piece can be reset into a modern design for the bride-to-be.
  • Some modern brides are opting for vintage engagement rings, or engagement rings designed to appear vintage, often using a square Asher cut or the Old European round center cut.
  • No ring engagement ring. In the harsh economic times, many couples are choosing not to purchase an engagement ring, but use that money in more practical ways as they begin their life together.

Whether or not a couple buys an engagement ring at the beginning of their marriage, as the years accumulate and they have more money they can always buy anniversary rings, which often have gem stones set into the metal all the way around. And it won’t really matter what they chose as an engagement ring, or if they chose one, for that will be their love story and their history, precious and unique to each couple.

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