Choosing a Black Diamond Engagement Ring


When I got engaged in February of 2010, it effectively ended the discussion my fiancé and I had been having about what kind of ring I would have. We began discussing an engagement months before, and he wanted my input into the type of ring I wanted. I honestly had not spent a great deal of time imagining what kind of engagement ring I would have, but began to scour the internet for rings. I happened across a black diamond solitaire one day, and was suddenly adamant that I wanted this type of stone.

What is a Black Diamond?

A black diamond is comprised of carbon, like all diamonds, but with sulfur introduced at the time the diamond was formed. Sulfur is the chemical additive that creates the black coloring in a black diamond. Other colors of diamond include the classic colorless diamond, blue (like the Hope Diamond), red, and green. Although blue, red, and green are rare colors, black is the rarest of all the diamond colors available.

The Cultural Significance of a Black Diamond

Different cultures attribute starkly varied ideas on the significance of a black diamond. In ancient India, they believed that a black diamond resembled snake eyes. Snakes were dedicated to the God of death, Yama, which would give black diamonds a negative connotation.

Conversely, in ancient Italy, they believed that the black diamond could repair any conflict between quarreling lovers. According to the Diamonds are Forever website, modern associations with black diamonds are “action, passion, and energy,” and that they “enhance relationships” increase “inner strength, and provide the wearer with balance.”

Black Diamonds as Engagement Rings

Another way to look at black diamonds, outside of cultural references, is through the idea of black being a chic and fashionable color. The notion that “black goes with everything” is often quoted, and usually true. As a color, black is often viewed as “gothic,” but my love of the color black comes from the fact that it is classic, simple, and basic.

I loved my black diamond engagement ring so much that black diamonds line the circumference of my wedding band. I think that it is fantastic to have the best of both worlds with my ring. Although I was still presented with a traditional diamond ring, my ring has a touch of appropriately unique finesse that suits my personality perfectly.

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