Ceramic Wedding Rings – Unique 21st Century Wedding Planning

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Throughout history traditional wedding rings have been forged of gold, silver or platinum and decorated with brilliant diamonds. Wedding rings made of other materials have not gained in popularity, until now.

Zirconia Ceramic Wedding Rings are Durable

Because of its superior strength and durability, zirconia ceramic has been a well-utilized material for decades. Artificial joints, dental applications, electronics, industrial cutters, and kitchen knives have all been fashioned of zirconia ceramic. It was only a matter of time before jewelry designers discovered that crafting this material into artistic works resulted in something beautiful.

The weight of zirconia ceramic is significantly lighter than the same volume of gold, making a ceramic ring comfortable to wear. The wider the band, the more indestructible it is. But even bands as thin as 2.5mm are durable and extremely scratch and shatter-resistant. Zirconia ceramic is as hard as sapphire.

Unique Wedding Rings

Ceramic rings are an exceptional blank slate for a jewelry artisan’s designs. The ceramic can be engraved or etched and is available with the comfort fit feature. By utilizing cradles of gold or platinum, a ceramic ring can be inset with precious stones or have gems or other artistic accents affixed to it. It can even be altered later to add an anniversary stone, the birthstone of a child, or other commemorative attachment. Ceramic rings are easily customized, and brides and grooms can express their personalities in their wedding bands.

Unlike gold or silver rings, ceramic rings are available in a range of colors like white, black, brown, blue and pink. They can be highly polished or matte finished and can be inlaid with precious metals such as yellow, white, or rose 18kt gold.

The extraordinary versatility of ceramic wedding rings, and their ease of maintenance, makes them appealing to those wedding couples looking for something uniquely “them.”

Wedding Planning and Ceramic Rings

Wedding planning often begins long before the proposal. Couples talk about marriage and what it means to them. It is in this early stage of planning that the thought of rings begins, and soon thereafter ring choices are discussed.

Depending upon the adornment desired, basic ceramic wedding bands can be a fraction of the cost of traditional bands. Some simple wedding rings made of zirconia ceramic cost as little as $100. Added precious gems and metals will increase the price, but many ceramic rings can be artfully designed and created for less than their traditional diamond wedding ring counterparts.

Savings on rings means more money for other wedding planning needs, the honeymoon, or a nest egg.

Unusual Wedding Rings

Whether it’s cost savings, the desire to be unique, the beauty, or the comfort factor, this alternative choice in wedding rings admirably addresses those considerations.

Unusual, expressive and lovely, ceramic wedding rings are likely here to stay.

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