U.S. Engagement Ring Law and Rationale: When the Engagement Fails, Who Gets the Engagement Ring?


Engagement rings can be beautiful, elaborate, ornate, flashy, elegant, and, above all, expensive. So when fiance and fiancee split before their wedding bells can ring, the would-be wed are placed between a rock — albeit a big, shiny rock — and a hard place. The ring a fixture to her (and, in a few U.S. […]

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Sapphire Engagement Rings: How to Buy the Perfect Sapphire Ring


With the recent royal proposal using Princess Diana’s legendary sapphire ring, there has been a surge in popularity of sapphire engagement rings. But long before the current fuss over sapphires, they have been a choice for many brides for generations. Sapphires rate a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, while a diamond rates at […]

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Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring: Good or Bad Omen?


Kate Middleton is a fairly ordinary upper middle class Englishwoman – except, she’s about to marry a prince who is second in line to the British throne. She’s about to join “The Firm” (as the British royal family is popularly known) – a family which communicates by memos and through each individual’s Private Secretary, rather […]

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Engagement Rings for Men


Whether you’re a woman or a man planning on proposing to a male significant other, shopping for an engagement ring can be tricky. Sure, the in-store selection is smaller than engagement rings for women, but there are other factors that can make choosing the perfect ring difficult. Here are a few things you should think […]

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The Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings of Royalty


The engagement of Prince William to Catherine Middleton, sealed with the late Princess Diana’s sapphire ring, has sparked renewed interest in colored gemstone engagement rings. In contrast to the United States where clear diamonds are the norm, colored gemstone engagement rings are also popular in Europe, particularly within royal circles. Within Europe’s monarchies, several princesses […]

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Buy Sapphire Engagement Rings Just Like Kate Middleton’s Ring


The Royal Wedding, which takes place on April 29th between Kate Middleton and Prince William, has sparked a huge interest in sapphire engagement rings. While most people will not be able to afford a ring with an 18-carat natural sapphire and 14 diamonds (the ring cost $65,000 back in 1981 when Prince Charles gave it […]

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Engagement Ring Insurance: What You Need to Know

what to know

After the excitement of the engagement announcement and the purchase of the engagement ring have died down, the next step is to insure the ring or add the item to your current insurance policy. An engagement ring is a significant investment and while the ring itself will have a guarantee against faulty workmanship, the couple […]

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Engagement Ring Styles: Best and Most Popular Designs in Rings for the Marriage Proposal


Looking for the perfect engagement ring? There are hundreds of styles, and more than enough options available to suit any prospective bride. Some of the most popular and timeless choices in rings include diamond, moissanite, colored gemstone, and antique engagement rings. Diamond Engagement Rings Diamonds are the classic stone for wedding rings, and it’s impossible […]

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Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring


Choosing a diamond engagement ring can be a daunting task. This can become even more challenging if you wish to surprise your partner and are choosing a diamond engagement ring on her behalf. You want to choose a ring that she will love, which will suit her lifestyle and personality but also your budget. Here […]

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Engagement Rings – Platinum, Colored Gems Become Popular


For women newly engaged, shopping for the perfect engagement ring and wedding band with the fiance is a delicious experience. Many men prefer their wives-to-be be involved in the selection process in order to be sure she will have a ring she will love and enjoy wearing for the rest of her life. Kate Middleton’s […]

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