Rings With Bling: Oversized cocktail style rings are very popular for everyday wear.


Extravagant, over the top in size, cocktail rings have been popular for day wear for the last few years with no end in popularity of this trend in sight. One of the many contemporary jewelry artists to create these wearable pieces of art is David Yurman. Yurman’s gorgeous chunky, faceted gemstone rings are set with […]

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Best Plus Size Jewelry – Rings and Watches for Plus-Sized Women

plus sized womens

These days there are more women than ever before who fit into the curvaceous category and require plus-sized clothing and accessories to flatter their shape. Finding the best plus size jewelry for larger ladies is simple and convenient, with a range of online stores and high street establishments now offering greater sizes of rings and […]

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Flower Girl Dresses, Ring Bearer Outfits and Other Fun Ideas

Flower Girl

If having a flower girl and/or ring bearer, make their role in the wedding a highpoint with these fresh choices for their attire as well as fun ways to walk down the aisle. Flower Girl Dresses Attach a long sash to the back of flower girl’s dress that will feel like a train. Rosebuds can […]

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Choosing Your 1950s Wedding Ring

old ring

Wedding rings have been around for centuries, and humans have been marrying for even longer. In the United States the end of World War II saw a great spike in marriage rates beginning in 1945. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the rates peaked around 1947-1948 and declined, with smaller peaks, all during […]

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Tungsten Wedding Rings: Hip New Fad or Pricey Industrial Metal?


Wedding day, tying the knot, pledging your eternal love; however you describe it, it is one of the most important days of a person’s life. You have to figure out the dress, the church, the flowers, the bridal party, the meal, and on and on. Let’s not forget about the rings though, after all they […]

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Unusual & Unique Celtic Knot Wedding Rings for Indie Women


The Celts were a group of people who lived throughout Europe, around 1000 BC, all of whom spoke a similar language. Today, Celts are associated with Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, and a few other places. However, every man or woman with ancient ancestors from Austria, Germany, France, Portugal, Western Spain, or many other European regions, […]

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Silver Hippie Wedding Rings: Cheap Indie Women’s Wedding Bands


Believe it or not, there are many women in the US who didn’t spend their childhoods dreaming about the day when they would wear a white veil and smash wedding cake into some guy’s face. And, there are other women who had always dreamed of getting a one carat diamond solitaire, but they got a […]

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Finding Gay Wedding Rings & Gay Marriage Bands: Resources for Choosing Jewelery for Gay and Lesbian Marriages


Specialized jewelery made specifically for gay and lesbian partners can speak of the personal commitment that they are making to one another when they choose to take part in a gay marriage or civil partnership ceremony. As such, determining what kind of ring to buy, and what properties that ring should have, can be important. […]

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Ceramic Wedding Rings – Unique 21st Century Wedding Planning


Throughout history traditional wedding rings have been forged of gold, silver or platinum and decorated with brilliant diamonds. Wedding rings made of other materials have not gained in popularity, until now. Zirconia Ceramic Wedding Rings are Durable Because of its superior strength and durability, zirconia ceramic has been a well-utilized material for decades. Artificial joints, […]

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Ceramic Wedding Rings Care and Emergency Removal Tips


Zirconia ceramic provides a fresh new look in jewelry fashion, and ceramic wedding rings offer a rich alternative to traditional wedding bands. However, ceramic wedding rings have certain characteristics not found in other jewelry. Ceramic Rings or Traditional Diamond Wedding Rings Beyond the esthetic differences between ceramic and precious metal rings, there are functional differences […]

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