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Few things in life elicit the unmistakable “ooooohhhhh” from someone as when they throw a left hand out, proudly displaying a wedding or engagement ring. Like a badge of honor, the ring becomes a part of the person wearing it and a symbol of the relationship status.

According to Atlantis Ring, the first recorded exchange of wedding rings was in Egypt, some 4800 years ago. It symbolized eternal love and was adopted by the Romans and Greeks in their ceremony to mark the acceptance of marriage as a binding legal agreement.

A lot of women dream for years about their perfect engagement band and wedding ring and it’s no wonder that the rings are big business. According to Sound Vision, the average wedding ring costs $2100 and roughly 2.3 million couples tie the knot in the United States every year. That’s a lot of bling-bling!

The sites listed below are just a few of the sites out there that offer more information about wedding rings and help young couple find their perfect eternal band.

Wedding Rings – The Ultimate Website Name for Wedding Ring Sets

If a company is in the business to sell engagement and wedding rings, the one who nabs the domain name wedding rings is bound to own the coup. Wedding Rings has been around since 1953 and their site provides a wealth of information on the quality of diamonds, wedding ring styles (as well as other types of rings) and current trends. They have hundreds of high-resolution ring images to choose from and various online sales.

Overstock – Auction Site and Direct Sellers for Men’s and Women’s Wedding Rings

Overstock’s website for wedding and engagement rings is massive but extremely easy to navigate. They offer search filters for categories, price, metals and sizes. They even have a printable wedding ring size ruler! Overstock focuses on sales pricing and user reviews and comments on all their rings. Overstock is one of just a few sites where you can actually order the rings online with a 100 percent return guarantee for any reason. With a huge assortment of rings and ring sets paired with their generous return policy, Overstock is one of the top sites to browse for the perfect band.

A Google search of “wedding ring stores” returns over 12 million hits. All of those aren’t websites that sell wedding rings, of course, but it’s an extremely popular subject. Wedding rings is a widely popular business and there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of wedding and engagement ring styles. Being able to navigate those choices is the key to a fantastic website. It’s also important that they offer enough information to make an informed choice and to avoid having to pay thousands more than you need. Check out the sites, take time to make the best selection and enjoy a wonderfully long marriage, hopefully one that’s stays as shiny as that new diamond ring!

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