Bespoke Jewellery Gift Ideas: What are Eternity Rings?

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If looking for an item of jewellery which is both symbolic as well as aesthetically pleasing, then an eternity ring is one option. However, eternity rings come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a wide range of materials. Whether opting for a classic diamond eternity ring or a more contemporary piece, here are a few of the key issues to consider in buying an eternity ring.

What is an Eternity Ring? Full Eternity Rings versus Half Eternity Rings

Eternity rings come in two basic forms, the full eternity ring is a simple band with a set of stones which are set the entire way around the ring. The half eternity ring as the name suggests has stones set only on the top facing half of the ring.

Whilst the full eternity ring may be regarded as the true form of eternity ring, there are a number of issues with the item of jewellery. In the first instance, a band which is fully lined with stones can be bulky for the wearer, even where the stones used are of a small cerate value. Secondly the requirement for a greater total carat value of stones also increases the cost of the ring.

Whilst diamond eternity rings are by far the most popular choice for both half eternity rings and full eternity rings, a wide range of stones and metals are used, from the classic white gold eternity ring to more contemporary eternity rings using coloured stones such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies. Other alternatives include substitute diamonds such as maisonette eternity rings.

The Custom Nature of Eternity Rings

The custom nature of an eternity ring may be seen as both the key feature of the gift, as well as one of the major drawbacks. Given that a full eternity ring is completely surrounded with gemstones, this requires that the ring be made especially for the wearer as sizing is not an option.

As such this limits the ability of a jeweller to enable a potential buyer to try a ring on before having a commission made. The custom nature of the full eternity ring may also mean that the item has limited resale value, should one wish to sell at a later date.

On the upside, the custom nature of the present may be seen as adding symbolic value for both the giver and receiver of the eternity ring. By giving a custom made full eternity ring, one is sure to be giving a truly unique gift.

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