Save Money When Purchasing Antique Style Engagement Rings

Engagement Jewelry Rings

Buying an engagement ring is a very big event, so we wanted to help point you in the right direction. While there are a plethora of styles available however what we are going to do is focus on antique style engagement rings. This outline will help you make an informed decision to this is something that you should take seriously.

Financing the Purchase of an Engagement Ring

In the past, the rule of thumb when it came to buying an engagement ring was two months’ salary however that is not written in stone. While there are some jewelry vendors that do provide the financing you should try to save your money, so you are not going deeper into debt. Once you have worked out how you intend to pay for the ring you can start taking a closer look at the different options that are available, we have put together some suggestions that you should consider just be sure to get the ring size of your partner before you do anything else.

14k White Gold Princess Cut Centre Stone Diamond Bridal Engagement Ring (1cttw, I-J Color, I1-I2 Clarity)


With this ring, you have the perfect balance of style and elegance. This engagement ring does look great but one of the reasons we recommend this particular ring is the cost which comes in at less than $1,200, and you could receive an additional gift pair of earrings with this set so it should be placed on your list of potential contenders.

Kobelli 1 cttw Round Diamond 14k White Gold Engagement Ring


This antique engagement ring is very stylish and looks like something a princess would wear. While this particular ring does look regal, it is also affordable coming in at less than $2,200 you will be impressed by the 14K white gold that gives this ring a sparkle like no other ring.

IGI Certified 14k Yellow Gold Classic Round-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (1/2 cut, H-I Color, SI1-SI2 Clarity)


Rounding out our list of antique style engagement rings is this one which is very inexpensive, according to our research you could purchase this ring for less than $1,300. The yellow gold is 14K, which compliments the diamond that is in the center of the ring. Your significant other is going to be impressed by this ring so you really should consider placing it on your list of prospects.

We have only scratched the surface when it comes to selecting an antique style engagement ring. One of the primary benefits with these rings is the look is timeless, and the good news is you do not have actually to look for these antiques since there are antique “style” rings being offered. To get the most competitive terms possible you should make it the priority to read the reviews left by individuals who like you have spent their hard earned money on these highly coveted engagement rings. The sooner you begin your due diligence, the sooner you can take your relationship to the next level.

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