3 Stone Engagement Rings That Will Make Your Woman Happy


One of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life is the day when she gets engaged. Betrothal is a tradition practiced long before the world was modernized. Similarly, the engagement ring has always been an unavoidable and one of the most vital parts of the proposal. In the old times, the rings have been passed down from generation to generation. Though it is still practiced today, most prefer the modern or newer rings. Finding and choosing the right one may be quite confusing to men since they don’t have much of an inkling as to what a woman really want. To help our men choose the best 3 stone engagement rings that fits their women well, we did an extensive research on the top engagement rings based on its stones. Here are the top 3 based on customer reviews:


#3 1.7 Carat 14K Black Gold Gorgeous Channel And Pave Set Graduating Round Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

one of the best rings
14k white gold gems are beautifully fashioned on a black band centered with a 1 carat pink sapphire stone.  This one of a kind engagement ring will surely captivate you with its unique design and beauty.  The black background highlights the stones further and the round brilliant cut of the stone prove it a quality ring. Its beauty is further more appreciated when exposed to light since the diamonds will sparkle.


#2 IGI-Certified 14k Yellow Gold Marquis Diamond Bypass Ring


This is one of the best 3 stone Engagement rings that is designed with white diamonds embedded to give a highly sophisticated and refined look. It is centered with a 1 carat marquise cut diamond. Its unique cut and design makes it a one of a kind ring worthy of being worn by a likewise stylish woman. This is perfect for women who like a balance of tradition and modern fashion.


#1 2 Carat Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring with a 1.5 Carat J-K I2 Center

the leader

This 14k white diamond band is bordered with white diamonds and set with a 1.5 carat round brilliant cut diamond. The vine-like pattern of the band with its alternating pattern makes it unique and pleasing to the eyes. It may look simple from afar but upon closer look, it holds the characteristic of a posh and modern ring. This embodies a simply beautiful woman living in a modern world.

These three may be varied in design but all are equally worthy of being worn, kept and passed down to the next generations. Choices have been presented, based on the most popular ones by those who have had them, it’s now all up to you to consider which of these would best fit the woman of your dreams. The ring may be one vital piece of the engagement process but it’s not everything. Though most women would definitely appreciate an engagement ring praiseworthy of the people surrounding her, the choice is still yours.

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