Royal Wedding: Get an Engagement Ring Just Like Kate Middleton

As Britain prepares for Royal Wedding fever — this is first Royal Wedding since the marriage of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker-Bowles — sales of replica Royal Wedding sapphire engagement rings will soar in the coming months.

Sapphire and Diamond Royal Engagement Ring

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with the engagement ring worn by his mother, Diana Princess of Wales. Crafted by Garrard Jewelers, Diana’s engagement ring is a blue, oval 18 carat sapphire set within a cluster of 14 small diamonds.

When Prince Charles originally bought the glittering bauble for Diana in 1981, the sapphire engagement ring could be found in the standard Garrard catalog for $65,000 or £28,000. Anyone could buy it. This was unusual because most Royals commission custom-made jewelry for big occasions. Media and the British public were surprised by this break with tradition.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William chose to present Kate Middleton with Princess Diana’s engagement ring because, he said, he didn’t want his mother to miss out on the excitement of the engagement.

The Royal engagement has caused a media frenzy around the world and jewelers have responded to the Royal Wedding by rushing out replica copies of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. The replica Royal engagement rings vary in price so that almost any bride to be can feel like a princess.

Replica Royal Engagement Rings

In New York, $1000 replica Royal Wedding engagement rings have been selling fast. The Natural Sapphire Company, Midtown, New York, had received 51 orders by close of business on Thursday 18 November.

Company spokesman Evan Guttman told the New York Post: “We get orders for the Diana replica every once in a while, but after the engagement, the demand is just tremendous.”

Shopping Channel Sells Royal Wedding Ring

In Britain, satellite TV shopping channel QVC is also selling replicas of the Royal engagement ring. QVC is selling an Epiphany Platinum Clad Diamonique Oval Cluster Ring, which looks very similar to Princess Diana’s and Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, for around $60 or £34.

QVC spokesman Sue Leeson confirmed that sales of the bargain-priced replica had shot up by 800 percent since the Royal Wedding announcement. She said the demand for replicas of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring confirmed the Royal bride to be was fast becoming a trend setter.

Where To Buy the Replica Ring

In addition to jewelers and QVC in the U.K., online auction site eBay is also selling replica Royal Wedding engagement rings for around $200 or £120.

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