Flower Girl Dresses, Ring Bearer Outfits and Other Fun Ideas

Flower Girl
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If having a flower girl and/or ring bearer, make their role in the wedding a highpoint with these fresh choices for their attire as well as fun ways to walk down the aisle.

Flower Girl Dresses

  • Attach a long sash to the back of flower girl’s dress that will feel like a train. Rosebuds can cover where the sash meets the waistline of the dress. This will look beautiful as she makes her way down the aisle.
  • Have the flower girl wear pink or white satin ballet shoes that lace up the leg.
  • Consider a crocheted or knitted flower girl’s dress with a white satin slip dress underneath.
  • The flower girl may need a wrap for a winter wedding. Check out the girl’s Faux Fur Capelet at Advantagebridal.com.
  • A flower girl would probably love to wear a faux jeweled tiara. Personalized tiaras with the girl’s name are even available at Thingsremembered.com.
  • For her hair, the flower girl could have it pulled up into a high ponytail, with small flowers inter weaved all over the hair.

Ring Bearer Outfits

  • As an alternative to the traditional tuxedo for a ring bearer, have him wear knickers and suspenders, a velvet vest and pants or a seersucker suit.
  • A cute outfit for a very young male ring bearer, especially if having a summer or beach wedding, is a sailor’s outfit.
  • Stylize the ring bearer with a newsboy cap.

Other Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Ideas

  • Instead of bridesmaids, have only flower girls and junior bridesmaids. This will give the wedding a youthful feel.
  • A ring bearer doesn’t necessarily have to be boy, it could be a young girl. She could wear a dress similar to the bridesmaids or flower girls or she could wear a small tuxedo.
  • If the ring bearer is too young to walk down the aisle, let him pedal a miniature car down the aisle, decorated with a “Just Married” sign.
  • The ring bearer can carry the rings on something besides a traditional pillow such as a wooden box with the bride and groom’s names and the date engraved, a silver tray, a decorative plate or a small white bible.
  • For a beach wedding, have the ring bearer carry the rings in a large conch shell.
  • Have the flower girl and the ring bearer announce to all the guests that the bride has arrived at the church.
  • Instead of having the ring bearer walk down with the flower girl, have him either directly in front of the bride or trail behind the bride, with the rings held prominently.

Whether they are dressed in a sailor’s suit or wearing a faux tiara, the ring bearer and flower girl will definitely make a statement at the wedding.

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