Ceramic Wedding Rings Care and Emergency Removal Tips

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Zirconia ceramic provides a fresh new look in jewelry fashion, and ceramic wedding rings offer a rich alternative to traditional wedding bands. However, ceramic wedding rings have certain characteristics not found in other jewelry.

Ceramic Rings or Traditional Diamond Wedding Rings

Beyond the esthetic differences between ceramic and precious metal rings, there are functional differences as well. These important differences mean that ceramic rings:

  • cannot be resized
  • are more lightweight
  • cannot be removed in an emergency by a traditional ring cutter

These issues are not negatives. They are simply different characteristics than those present in precious metal rings. For example, jewelry designer, Etienne Perret, addresses the resizing issue by offering, at minimal cost, an identical larger or smaller replacement ring for one that needs resizing. Buying ceramic wedding rings from a jeweler with a similar policy alleviates resizing concerns.

The addition of precious stones or other adornments will affect the overall weight of the ring, but the inherent lightness of the rings actually makes the rings more comfortable for many who wear them.

The extreme hardness of zirconia ceramic is both beneficial and concerning. It means that under certain circumstances a ceramic wedding ring can be broken, yet there are occasions when breaking is preferable to the alternative.

The growing popularity of ceramic rings has led to new training for emergency personnel in how to safely remove ceramic rings. When the hand is injured in an accident – for example a hand caught in a slammed car door – a traditional metal ring can sometimes seriously exacerbate the wounded hand. A ceramic ring impacted by the slam of a car door is, however, more likely to crack and fall off, leaving less opportunity for further damage to the fingers or hand.

The ceramic’s hardness also means that only a diamond drill bit will cut through it. If a ceramic ring is too tight to be removed with soap, or an accident mandates the emergency removal of the ring, a diamond drill bit can be found at most dentist offices and at some jewelry stores. The process of cutting off a ceramic ring with a diamond drill bit is no riskier than cutting off a metal ring with a typical ring cutter when done by a professional. As a last resort, a ceramic ring can be removed by cracking it with vice grips. This would result in the loss of the ring, but it’s a feature that could save a finger.

Ceramic Wedding Rings Care and Maintenance

Caring for ceramic wedding bands is as easy as cleaning them with mild soap and water and a soft cloth. Because of the ceramic’s surface, scratching it is unlikely, but it is still wise to avoid unnecessary abrasive cleaners.

It is remotely possible to break or damage a ceramic ring by dropping it on a hard surface, but doing so is not common. Even a hard drop will likely result in no damage to a properly made ceramic ring. Chipping a ceramic ring under certain extreme conditions, such as striking it against a surface harder than it is, is also possible, but not probable.

A diamond is harder than zirconia ceramic, and in a hard collision between the edge of a diamond and a ceramic ring, the diamond would prevail. Storing ceramic rings away from diamond jewelry is a reasonable precaution against diamond-caused scratches, but unless the diamond is forcefully driven into the ceramic, it’s unlikely a meeting of the two would generate any damage at all.

Ceramic Wedding Bands and Life

The beauty, durability, and versatility of ceramic make it a welcome option for many brides and grooms. And with the care and maintenance of ceramic wedding rings so straightforward and simple, there are plenty of reasons to consider ceramic designs when choosing rings.

As with any beloved possession, the proper care of ceramic wedding bands will insure a lifetime of wearing pleasure.

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