How to Buy a Wedding Ring or Engagement Ring: Diamond Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut


Diamonds are rated by four unique categories which are known as the 4 C’s of diamonds: carat, color, clarity and cut. These categories are designed to help rate the quality, style and size of a wedding ring or engagement ring; as well as to determine the proper price of the ring. The 4 Cs of […]

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Securing Wedding and Engagement Ring Insurance: An Essential Addition to Your Wedding Planning List


Wedding rings are a significant investment, and not just monetarily. The emotional commitment that is tied to the engagement and wedding rings is one that makes the value of a wedding ring increase infinitely beyond their monetary worth. As such, it is important to make sure such an investment is properly guarded. Check Your Current […]

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Engagement Ring Insurance Policies


Price, Coverage, and Other Considerations When Insuring Your Diamond Planning for the possibility of a lost or stolen engagement ring isn’t exactly romantic, but it’s practical. Here’s what you should know about insuring your diamond ring. Do you need insurance for your engagement ring? People routinely insure other investments and expensive purchases, such as cars […]

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Antique Edwardian Engagement Rings: Intricate and Delicate Jewelry Design from the Turn of the Century


Though the Edwardian Era was short, spanning from 1901 to 1910, it was known as the “Gilded Age” because of the delicate style and unique stone cuts. Overlapping with Art Nouveau and coming just before Art Deco, the Edwardian design is said to be the translation of lace into platinum and diamonds. Diamonds during the […]

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Mark Your Love and Commitment With The Best Art Deco Engagement Ring

Are you and your lover finally ready to engage? Mark your love and commitment with a ring that is just as exceptional as your future as a married couple. Whether you want to choose from diamond solitaires, to contemporary diamond halo designs, we have selected one of the most beautiful latest engagement ring options for […]

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Surprise Your Woman With Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Most people value diamonds for their absence of color. But actually, diamonds can have different colors and can be as valuable as the colorless expensive stones. In fact, a blue diamond displayed at the Smithsonian National Museum is the 2nd most visited art, next to the Mona Lisa. Colored diamonds are becoming a popular choice […]

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3 Best Cheap Real Diamond Engagement Rings

real diamond

For a lot of male fiancées, the engagement ring is commonly one of the most expensive things you’ll buy in your entire life (not including your car, of course). And, it’s just the first purchase you will make, including expenses for your wedding day. Your budget will be limited and you would want to save. […]

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Looking For The Best White Gold Promise Ring?

Wedding rings, engagement rings and now promise rings are gaining popularity, especially with young couple. Same with a wedding ring and an engagement ring, a promise ring represents a commitment. However, it is smaller than an engagement ring, but more ornamented than a wedding ring. Aside from commitment, promise rings symbolize other things such as […]

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Rules to Follow When Buying White Gold Wedding Rings for Women

Chances are if you are reading this you must be interested or at the very least thinking about getting married. We won’t try to talk you out of it but we are going to help you find the right white gold wedding rings for women so your future bride will smile for years to come.  […]

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Right Way to Buy Black Diamond Wedding Rings

If you are checking this article out you must be thinking about getting married, this is naturally a big decision to make and once you have made up your mind to get hitched you need to start looking at the various black diamond wedding rings that are available. Black diamonds are very alluring since they […]

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