Men’s Rings: Custom Men’s Jewelry Feature Stunning Inlay Materials

Quite literally, the sky is the limit when it comes to quality, one-of-a-kind, made-to-order men’s rings. Talented internet-based jewelers and artists offer distinctive yellow gold engagement rings made from fascinating and unusual sources; including rare ocean corals; beautiful, organic wood trees; earth’s precious minerals; and heavenly meteorites from outer space. Based in a setting of […]

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Watches, rings and bangles

I have a very good friend in the United States who over the years has said she would like to come and visit this great country of ours Australia. Then a recent ‘moment’ saw her take a leaf from Nike’s book. Their tag line is ‘Just do it’ she just went and did it. Booked, […]

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Bespoke Jewellery Gift Ideas: What are Eternity Rings?

If looking for an item of jewellery which is both symbolic as well as aesthetically pleasing, then an eternity ring is one option. However, eternity rings come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a wide range of materials. Whether opting for a classic diamond eternity ring or a more contemporary piece, here […]

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Engagement Rings: Five Tips for Grooms on Selecting the Right Kind of Jewelry


When shopping for an engagement ring, whether solo or together as a couple, there are things just as important—if not more—as “color, cut and clarity” that will make the purchasing experience better in the long term for both grooms and brides-to-be. Style and Color Preference are Key. If you’ll be doing the ring shopping solo […]

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How To Pick a Jewelry Store: Who Do You Trust To Sell You an Engagement Ring


Whichever store or on-line source you choose, here are some important factors to consider before buying an engagement ring. Customer Service For many, the cost of the ring is the first thing that they consider. That is exactly why you should consider customer service first. If you were looking at two cars that seemed identical, […]

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Diamond Engagement Rings: Buying Jewellery for your Marriage Proposal


The setting The most traditional engagement ring setting is the single stone, solitaire setting. All jewellers will have a wide range of setting designs, so this is a good place to start when choosing your ring. The most common precious metals for rings are platinum, white gold and yellow gold. Platinum is the most expensive, […]

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Select Your Gemstone and Setting: Picking out your gemstone and setting for your ring with bling


The setting of the gemstone in place is the only tedious part of this operation. Using the correct pliers will make setting the gemstone a snap. For even a beginner it only takes a couple of minutes to secure a gemstone in place. It is highly suggested that you set your gemstone in strong, natural […]

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Rings With Bling: Oversized cocktail style rings are very popular for everyday wear.


Extravagant, over the top in size, cocktail rings have been popular for day wear for the last few years with no end in popularity of this trend in sight. One of the many contemporary jewelry artists to create these wearable pieces of art is David Yurman. Yurman’s gorgeous chunky, faceted gemstone rings are set with […]

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Best Plus Size Jewelry – Rings and Watches for Plus-Sized Women

plus sized womens

These days there are more women than ever before who fit into the curvaceous category and require plus-sized clothing and accessories to flatter their shape. Finding the best plus size jewelry for larger ladies is simple and convenient, with a range of online stores and high street establishments now offering greater sizes of rings and […]

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Finding Gay Wedding Rings & Gay Marriage Bands: Resources for Choosing Jewelery for Gay and Lesbian Marriages


Specialized jewelery made specifically for gay and lesbian partners can speak of the personal commitment that they are making to one another when they choose to take part in a gay marriage or civil partnership ceremony. As such, determining what kind of ring to buy, and what properties that ring should have, can be important. […]

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