Yellow Diamond Ring Purchasing Guide: Tips for buying fancy diamonds and engagement rings

What Makes a Diamond Yellow The hardest substance on earth, diamond is made from pure carbon that has been crystallized by high pressures and temperatures in the Earth’s upper mantle. Perfectly colorless, or near-colorless, diamonds are the most esteemed because they are most rare in nature. Unlike the rarest, colorless diamonds, most diamond crystals have […]

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Considering a Moissanite Engagement Ring?: Advantages and Disadvantages of Moissanite Stones

Moissanite is a common trade name for the mineral Silicon Carbide. It was originally found in lunar samples and meteorites. In its natural form, it is quite rare. Because moissanite showed commercial potential for becoming a substitute for natural diamonds, a synthetic version of moissanite was created. The moissanite used for engagement rings and other […]

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Alternative Engagement Rings: Moissanite, Sapphires and More To Celebrate An Upcoming Marriage


While diamonds have been touted as the “traditional” engagement ring for many years, the fact is that this “tradition” was established by a diamond company wanting to sell more diamonds! Because of many issues surrounding diamonds, whether it be cost, humanitarian or environmental concerns, many brides are choosing alternative engagement rings. Fortunately, there are many […]

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Diamonds – Shapes and Cuts for Engagement Rings: Selecting a Shape and Cut of the Diamond for the Engagement Ring


With so many things to consider before a marriage proposal, the shape and cut of the diamond in the engagement ring is often overlooked. Since the bride will want to show it off during the initial stage of her engagement, and she’ll wear it for many years afterward, take some time to decide on the […]

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How To Green Your Diamond: 3 Easy Ways to Turn Your Engagement Green

Green Earth

One of the best ways to avoid navigating the complicated world buying a new diamond ring is to buy one that was made a long time ago. Yes, there are rings made today to look vintage, but you can go green with your diamond by choosing one with a bit of history and personality that […]

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Before You Buy an Engagement Ring: Figure Out Her Style and Plan a Budget


Rarely does a guy go into a jewelry store without some trepidation, especially when he is there to buy the most important piece of jewelry he will ever purchase, the engagement ring. Anxiety, excitement, and even a small level of panic is natural when buying that little beauty that will represent so much. But the […]

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Diamond Engagement Rings: Buying Jewellery for your Marriage Proposal


The setting The most traditional engagement ring setting is the single stone, solitaire setting. All jewellers will have a wide range of setting designs, so this is a good place to start when choosing your ring. The most common precious metals for rings are platinum, white gold and yellow gold. Platinum is the most expensive, […]

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Flower Girl Dresses, Ring Bearer Outfits and Other Fun Ideas

Flower Girl

If having a flower girl and/or ring bearer, make their role in the wedding a highpoint with these fresh choices for their attire as well as fun ways to walk down the aisle. Flower Girl Dresses Attach a long sash to the back of flower girl’s dress that will feel like a train. Rosebuds can […]

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Ceramic Wedding Rings Care and Emergency Removal Tips


Zirconia ceramic provides a fresh new look in jewelry fashion, and ceramic wedding rings offer a rich alternative to traditional wedding bands. However, ceramic wedding rings have certain characteristics not found in other jewelry. Ceramic Rings or Traditional Diamond Wedding Rings Beyond the esthetic differences between ceramic and precious metal rings, there are functional differences […]

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U.S. Engagement Ring Law and Rationale: When the Engagement Fails, Who Gets the Engagement Ring?


Engagement rings can be beautiful, elaborate, ornate, flashy, elegant, and, above all, expensive. So when fiance and fiancee split before their wedding bells can ring, the would-be wed are placed between a rock — albeit a big, shiny rock — and a hard place. The ring a fixture to her (and, in a few U.S. […]

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