Diamonds – Shapes and Cuts for Engagement Rings: Selecting a Shape and Cut of the Diamond for the Engagement Ring


With so many things to consider before a marriage proposal, the shape and cut of the diamond in the engagement ring is often overlooked. Since the bride will want to show it off during the initial stage of her engagement, and she’ll wear it for many years afterward, take some time to decide on the […]

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How To Green Your Diamond: 3 Easy Ways to Turn Your Engagement Green

Green Earth

One of the best ways to avoid navigating the complicated world buying a new diamond ring is to buy one that was made a long time ago. Yes, there are rings made today to look vintage, but you can go green with your diamond by choosing one with a bit of history and personality that […]

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How to Judge a Diamond’s Quality and Shape: Expert Criteria for Judging Diamonds and Picking Diamond Shapes


Many bridal couples feel at a loss when it comes to choosing a wedding ring. How to pick the best quality diamond? How to choose a diamond that is not only the best quality but also one with a shape that will look most beautiful on the bride’s hand? Follow the easy guidelines below to […]

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