Buy Sapphire Engagement Rings Just Like Kate Middleton’s Ring


The Royal Wedding, which takes place on April 29th between Kate Middleton and Prince William, has sparked a huge interest in sapphire engagement rings. While most people will not be able to afford a ring with an 18-carat natural sapphire and 14 diamonds (the ring cost $65,000 back in 1981 when Prince Charles gave it to Diana), there are lots of websites offering similar smaller carat, real sapphire rings, perfect for a romantic proposal on one knee or just to show the woman in your life how much you love her.

Real Sapphire Rings

The price of real sapphire rings varies greatly, dependent on the size and quality of the stone, the number of carats and the stone’s color and clarity. If you add diamonds, the cost goes up and then you need to factor in what the ring itself is made of; 18-carat white or yellow gold is usually the norm for an engagement ring, although many women these days prefer platinum or titanium.

In order to compare prices, you need to look closely at the total number of carats in the sapphire and if possible, the breakdown between the number of carats in the main stone versus any diamonds or other precious stones. In practice, most rings under the £1,000 or $1,500 mark don’t specify the carat weight of the individual stones.

Buy Diamond and Sapphire Rings

Here’s a selection of some best buy diamond and sapphire rings, similar to or simply inspired by Kate Middleton’s’ stunning ring:

  • Goldsmiths has an 18-carat white gold oval sapphire ring surrounded by 10 small diamonds, retailing at £999/$1,600 with interest free credit available.
  • The Natural Sapphire Company specifies both sapphire and diamond carat weights and stocks rings from under $1,000 to $75,000 and upwards. They have a 0.95 carat sapphire and diamond ring retailing at $550, similar to the one in the first picture below.
  • Brilliant Earth has a pretty halo-shaped sapphire ring surrounded by a ring of tiny diamonds and diamond accents on the outside of the ring; minimum carat weight of 0.3 for $3750/£2320.
  • H Samuel has a Diana inspired sapphire and diamond engagement ring in 18 carat yellow gold for £799/$1,280.
  • Bluenile lets you design your own ring by choosing your stones and style of band. Why not choose a ring with two pear-shaped sapphires to embed the diamond of your choice ranging from 0.4 to 1.5 carats? This ring shape priced at £1,100 means you can determine the exact weight and quality of both the ring and the stones before you buy.

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Copy

Entry prices for look-a-like Kate rings are well below $100/£60 but the best rings are selling out fast, such as the imitation ring offered by Emitations, featured in the above article.

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