You’ve finally worked up the courage to pop the proverbial question, and now you’re busily browsing the internet, looking for the very best yellow gold engagement rings. Congratulations! Choosing the right ring is one of the first big decisions you’ll make in this milestone journey that you’re on—the one that leads down the aisle and into marital bliss. After all, your engagement ring is a symbol of your love for your significant other. Essentially, it’s a token of endearment that says that you’re willing to go to the next level in your relationship. Because of this, it’s a decision that you can’t make lightly. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

How Much Can You Afford to Spend? Establishing a Budget

Before you begin exploring the best engagement rings, it’s important that you have a figure in mind that you are willing to spend. An old-school rule of thumb is that you should set aside two months of your salary to pay for your engagement ring, but this is not a hard-and-fast way to decide how much is enough and how much is too much. Base your budget solely on what you can afford to spend.

10K, 14K, or 18K Yellow Gold Engagement Ring?

Nothing glitters like gold, and when it comes to durability and longevity, it’s hard to beat among the precious metals. Gold is a great choice because it is easy to size, polish and buff, and the best yellow gold engagement rings often last a lifetime without the need for reshanking. However, whether a ring is 10K, 14K or 18K can make a difference. Pure gold is 24 karats and 99.95 percent pure. However, because gold is a soft metal, it has to be combined with a metal alloy to make it hard enough to form into a band. Different karat grades yield bands with different amounts of gold in them as compared to their metal alloy content.

The most common yellow gold engagement rings come in three different karat options, listed here with their degree of purity.

  • 10 karat (10K) – 24.7 percent pure
  • 14 karat (14K) – 58.5 percent pure
  • 18 karat (18K) – 75 percent pure

Any band made from gold that’s higher than 18K is not a practical choice, since it will bend easily and be prone to scratching. The percentage of purity subtracted from 100 yields the amount of metal alloy in the ring’s construction. For example, an 18K gold engagement ring band has 75 percent gold and 25 percent alloy. The most common metals used with yellow gold include silver, platinum, nickel and palladium.

Which is Best?

That leads us to the question, which is cream of the crop when it comes to yellow gold engagement rings? From a purely budget perspective, 10K rings are generally cheaper, since they contain less than half gold. It is also the most durable, making it an excellent choice for engagement rings, since they will likely be worn around the clock, or at least, very frequently.

Gold engagement rings made from 14K tend to be the most popular and make up around 9 out of 10 yellow gold engagement rings sold in the U.S. This is due mainly to 14K’s ability to be durable while also resisting tarnish. It is a balance between looks, price and durable construction, sort of a middle ground between 10K and 18K.

Since it has the highest actual content of gold, 18K is the most expensive of the three, typically reserved for very high-end jewelry. It is, nonetheless, more apt to scratch, dent and become misshapen when used in a yellow gold engagement band, since it is the softer of the typical options.

Another Important Consideration

A diamond solitaire is the most popular type of engagement ring, but you have lots of leeway when it comes to both the setting and the stone for your ring. Pave, three-stone, halo, and bezel settings are all quite beautiful. While diamonds are a timeless choice when saying ‘I do,’ rubies, sapphires and emeralds are also quite stunning. However, keep in mind that diamonds are the hardest on the Mohs scale—they are a 10. This makes them the very hardest gemstone, so this means they will take a lot of abuse, which is what you want in a yellow gold engagement ring that will be worn daily or even 24/7.

Our Top Five Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

  • Any bride will be tickled pink to slip this DazzlingRock Collection princess diamond engagement ring on her finger. A large center diamond is surrounded by tiny diamonds for a look that is nothing short of lavish.
  • The round-cut diamond solitaire engagement ring from Diamond Manufacturers USA is one of the most striking gold engagement rings on the market. It features a classic profile with a 14K band and a ½ carat conflict-free diamond.
  • She’ll know you went the extra mile when you present her with this Hafeez Center halo solitaire yellow gold engagement ring. This beautiful ring features a 1-carat center stone surrounded by moissanites along its band.
  • Work your way even deeper into her heart when you bring out this Houston Diamond District pave set diamond engagement ring for your big moment. This ring features a large ½-carat center surrounding by pave diamonds for added glitz.
  • Make her feel like a princess with this 14K two-stone diamond engagement ring from Diamond Wish. This lovely ring is elegant and sophisticated with its dual stones that merge in the middle, signifying the love between the two of you.

Let Your Heart Guide You

Now that you’re armed with a little info on what you might want in your fiancé-to-be’s ring, don’t let that information boggle your mind. With so many yellow gold engagement rings on today’s market, finding the right one can be a challenge. But when you see the ring that’s right for her, chances are you’ll know it. Go with your heart and you’re sure to find the best engagement ring for the perfect bride.